Our Pastors
Our Pastors

     We are non-denominational church, founded in 1995, by Pastor Terry Grapenthin.

    Since then, L.W.C.F. has grown to become a body of Christ with many facets including community, national, and international outreaches, a center for teaching and deliverance, along with a youth ministry that has gone out to the mission field.

    Our goal is to equip believers for the effective work of the ministry, by giving them the necessary foundational teachings and guidance in order to maintain a lasting walk with God and to help create a believer who can impact, motivate, and ignite others to do the same, thus spreading and advancing the Kingdom of the Lord.

    All are welcome, come as you are, and expect not to leave as the same person!

Hear Angels Singing In Our Worship:  Announcements:
Sunday, January 15th, while in worship, an angel decided to drop in and sing with us!   You can start to hear the voice at around 45 seconds.

This is not the first time angels have joined our worship, just merely the first time we were able to get it on recording!

This voice was heard as loudly as if a real person was in the room singing with our worship team!  Multiple church members (and even their kids) heard the angel singing.

2/19/2017 - The Lamb of God sermon added.  Click on Media > Sermons & Prophecies.

2/15/2017 - Recipe for Modern Day Anointing Oil added to Media page, along with another sample book by Bobby Grapenthin. 

Upcoming Events:

A.L. Gill of Gill Ministries
A.L. Gill

A.L. Gill of Gill Ministries will be joining LWCF here in Lorain, OH for two days!  Details are below!

2/26/2017 - Sunday 10am and 6:30pm.
2/27/2017 - Monday at 7pm.


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